Palm-size × High performance

We realized this palm-sized professional performance hydrogen generater with our reliable technologies and established methods of controling water quality based on electrochemistry.

Such a small high-performance hydrogen generater everyone desired for - That is "La Briller Elan".

Anytime, Anywhere.

With using the rechargeable battery, you can inhale hydrogen wherever you like: at your office, gyms, outdoors or hotels as well as at home.

We offer two types of inhalers to satisfy your needs.
The Neck-Set type inhaler is perfect for stylish you.
The Nasal inhaler is good for taking plenty of hydrogen.

99%, 30mL.

The small body can generates 30 mL hydrogen of 99 % or more purity in a minute.

Just one-minute hydrogen inhalation is equivalent to drinking 1.5 liters of highly- concentrated(1.6 ppm) hydrogen water.

You can quickly take plenty of hydrogen.
That's just the merit of hydrogen inhalation.

Health Conditioning Equipment

The Japan Home-Health Apparatus Industrial Association (HAPI)
certified La briller elan as a personal care product
improving Health, Beauty, and the QOL(quality of life).


" Upgrade you with Hydrogen Power! "

Portable Hydrogen Generator
"La Briller Elan"

Model No. HG-004
Color BLACK (-B), WHITE (-W)
Rated Voltage, Rated Power Consumption Main Unit : 5 VDC
AC/DC Adapter for Main Unit : 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, A-2 Plug
Power Consumption : 14 W
Battery Lithiun Ion, 3.7 V 5200 mAh (Detachable)
Hydrogen Generation Electrolysis, 30 mL/min.
Hydrogen density : >99 %, 30 mL/min.
Ambient Temperature 5 - 35 deg. C
Dimensions / Weight 115 x 77 x 135 mm(WxDxH), Approx. 600 g
Accessories Included 1xAC/DC Adaptor, 1xBattery, 1xBattery Charger, 3xElectrolyte, 1xNeck-Set type Inhaler with Tube, 1x Nasal Inhaler with Tube, 1xPouch
Remarks MADE IN JAPAN, Patented in Japan
  • Electrolyte
    ( 3 packs for start set )

  • AC/DC adapter
    ( White / Black )

  • Battery Pack
    ( White / Black )

  • Battery Charger
    ( White / Black )

  • Nasal Inhaler

  • Nasal Inhaler

  • Neck-set type Inhaler
    ( White / Black )

  • Neck-set type Inhaler

  • Porch

  • Operating Instructions

Q01. What is ppm?
10000ppm = 1%1ppm = 0.0001% 1ppb = 0.0000001%
It's an acronym of "parts per million" representing how much part in a million.
Gas concentrations in a liquid are usually expressed in mass ratio and gas concentrations in a gas are expressed in volume ratio. Furthermore ppb(parts per billion) represents how much part in a billion.
Q02. About the concentration of dissolved hydrogen.
The amount of saturated hydrogen in 1000 g of water is 0.00162 g.
0.00162(g)/1000(g)=0.00000162(=1.62ppm: mass ratio) at 20 ℃, 100 % hydrogen gas
Calculating the volume of 0.00162 g of hydrogen gas is as follows;
Molecular weight of hydrogen gas H2 is 2
The volume of 1-mol gas is 24 L
The amount of saturated hydrogen in 1L of water (=1000 g) is 0.0194 L
Q03. About the hydrogen concentration in breathing Air.
The normal air we breathe in consists of 78 % nitrogen, 21 % oxygen, 0.04 % carbon dioxide and 0.00005 % hydrogen in volume.
La briller elan generates 30 mL hydrogen of 99 % or more purity in a minute, while an adult who is relaxed breathes in 6000 mL air in a minute.
Therefore you can inhale the air including about 0.5 % of hydrogen by using La briller elan: 30 mL/6000 mL×99=0.495 %
Q04. When and how long should I inhale hydrogen?
You can inhale hydrogen whenever and as long as you like. But some reports say that such intermittent inhalation as the alternation of 15-minute inhalation and 45-minute break is more effective than continuous inhalation. Also it's said that changing the hydrogen concentration in our body would switch our body to a better condition regardless of what time.
Using La briller eran or La briller luxe, you can inhale hydrogen with doing something else. Why don't you introduce La briller into your daily life?
Q05. Are there any risks or difficulty breathing in hydrogen inhalation?
Hydrogen inhalation is adopted in medical treatment. The safety of hydrogen inhalation has already confirmed. One example is that hydrogen is added into divers' gas cylinders to prevent them from submarine sickness or nitrogen narcosis.
An adult who is relaxed breathes in 6000 mL of air in a minute and La briller elan generates 30 mL of hydrogen in a minute. As you will inhale generated hydrogen with breathing normal air, you don't need to worry about difficulty breathing.
Q06. Would hydrogen be danger because of its flammability?
Hydrogen is stable gas and never flames by itself. Hydrogen mixed with oxygen may ignite but doesn't ignite if its concentration is not more than 4.1% or not less than 74.2% The purity of hydrogen generated from La briller elan is 99% or more, so you don't need to worry about ignition.
Q07. I don't have any sense of inhalation.
La Briller Elan supplies high purity hydrogen without adding air flow.
Therefore the flow rate of hydrogen supplied from La briller elan is so small that you can feel just normal breathing, not any sense of inhalation. You can confirm the generation of hydrogen by seeing the bubbles in the level indicator.
Q08. How much purity and amount of hydrogen does La briller elan generate?
La Briller Elan generates about 30 mL hydrogen of 99 % or more purity in a minute, which boasts the highest level among the portable hydrogen generators; that is as of November 2017.
Q09. How does La briller elan generate hydrogen?
It generates hydrogen gas and oxygen gas by electrolysis of water.
The generated hydrogen and oxygen are separated inside the main unit, and then hydrogen gas flows from the hydrogen outlet to the inhaler, while oxygen gas flows out from the pressure release outlet.
Q10. How long can I continuously use it?
A round of operation automatically stops after 30 minutes. You can press the start/stop button to restart it immediately.
Q11. How long can I use a bag of electrolyte?
You can operate about 30 rounds of 30-minute running with a bag of electrolyte. (It depends on the running circumstances)
Please change the electrolyte if the last change of electrolyte was two weeks before, no matter how many times you operated it. ⇒See Q17
Q12. What are the components of the electrolyte?
We are very sorry, but we can't disclose the composition of the electrolyte. If you should touch or drink the electrolyte, you'll suffer no harm.
Q13. How long does La briller elan run with a battery?
You can operete at least 2 rounds of 30-minute running with a full-charged battery.
Q14. How long is the life of a battery?
About 500 cycles.
Q15. How long is the guarantee period? How long is its useful life?
We manufacture guarantee this product for a year. Its useful life depends on the frequency of operations or the running circumstances. Under the proper conditions, the life of the device is about 3000 hours.
Q16. How about the running costs?
One bag of electrolyte costs 500 yen (excluding tax). We sell as a set of six bags of electrolyte.
The power for a 30-minute running with using AC/DC adapter costs about 0.2 yen, while for charging a battery costs about 1 yen.
Q17. How often should I change the electrolyte?
You need to change the electrolyte in case of following;
・the LED indicator blinks RED (showing the amount of electrolyte in not enough).
・the last change of electrolyte was two weeks before.
Q18. Is it easy to change the electrolyte?
It's very simple with only 2 steps.
- 1) Completely dispose the old electrolyte.
- 2) Pour the all electrolyte from a new bag.
Q19. How can I clean the inside of the tank?
The inside of the tank can be cleaned by changing the electrolyte. That's enough to keep the tank clean. But if you continue using the old electrolyte to operate La briller elan for over two weeks, some inpurity ions will increase in the electrolyte, which may shorten the life of the device.
Q20. Are there any other tasks to maintain it?
No need to change parts or something. Your task is just regular change of electrolyte.
Q21. Is it OK if I sterilize the nasal inhaler or the inhaler tubes by boiling?
They cannot be sterilized by boilling. If you want to sterilize them, please use alcohol. Because they are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), they aren't heatproof.
Q22. Is it made in Japan?
Yes, it's made in Japan.
Q23. Do you have a patent for La Briller Elan ?
The patent is now pending. (The patent application number is 2017-117503)
Q24. Does it happen to generate ozone? Are there any risks to inhale ozone?
As La Briller Elan works with high electrolyzing efficiency, it basically doesn't generate ozone.